Painted by Malcolm Nicholson in 2017 this mural can be seen from Edward Street on the east wall of Rochester Primary School. 

Painted in 2016 by Joyce Dempsey and Maryann Jenkins this mural is also found at Rochester Primary School

Painted by Steve Monk in 2018 this mural can be seen as you fill your tank with fuel at the Rochester Caltex. Ask for a mural discount.

Painted by Paul Scott in 2018 this mural can be seen as you enjoy the fresh food prepared by the kitchen at the Rochester Caltex. Wow it's good. Ask for a Gelato.

This 2016 mural painted by John Stevens is now on the wall of the Metalwork room at Rochester Secondary College. It is visible from Echuca Road.

Jon Lam painted this mural in 2017. It is visible from the Echuca Road side of Rochester Secondary College. 

Major's IGA north wall supports this 2018 Jon Lam mural. When you shop at IGA you help support the Mural Festival

Painted by Kirby Sens in 2017 this mural is now on the fence at the MG Store. It has 2 forms of perspective, a challenge for the viewer to spot.

Painted by Paul Scott in 2015 this mural is now seen as you queue for a meal at Camp Kookaburra

This mural painted by Sharon Fensom in 2016 is also at Camp Kookaburra.

This mural painted by Wei Luan and Kathleen Watson in 2016 is now at Rochester Tyres and Batteries. Remember if you have the wheels they'll have the rubber.

Damian Cazaly painted this mural in 2017. It is now on the back wall of a shop but it is able to be seen as you go by on the train, or you could look to the left when you visit the Silo Art in Rochester

Look to the back of the Chemist Shop in Rochester as you exit the Shire Offices and you will see this 2019 mural by Jon Lam.

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