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The 2024 murals

  Theme: "I Have a Dream"


Stand 1

Marco Pennacchia  "Dream Unveiled" 

Highly Commended Award.   

Symbolically portrays humanity's interconnection through a flowing drapery, transitioning from intense orange to night's blue. It captures harmony and peace in life's dark phases, echoing my dream of a united world radiating light and devoid of hatred.            

Marco Final.HEIC

Stand 2.  


Ana's art practice is shaped by the concepts of light, metamorphosis and growth - often using metaphors inspired by nature.

Ana A final.jpeg

Stand 3.  

Chris  Duffy. “Glitched- I have a dream”  

A glitch in a beautiful dream that has still not been realized. A painting of human rights activist Martin Luther King & artist model Paige as femme fatale... She represents the artist.


ChrisD final jpeg.jpeg

Stand 4.  

Kerry  Nicholson      “Sweet sweet surrender”   

In a realm where time flows backwards she has found happiness and she is finally at peace.        

Kerry final.HEIC

Stand 5.

Maryann Jenkins.  "Drover’s Dream"

Winner of Peoples Choice Award

The Drover's dream - an iconic Australian verse.

The drover and his dogs fall asleep. His dream features a very strange procession... a kangaroo with his swag of blanket blue, the pelican doing a highland fling and a bandicoot playing the flute.

His boss calls "Hey Dreamy! Where the hell are all the sheep?"



Stand 6.  

Helen English "Land of Promise" 

The story of a mermaid with the courage to leave the ocean for a new life, on a shore bathed in the promise of a rising sun.  She symbolises our pursuit of self-discovery, happiness and the embracing of new beginnings.              


Stand 7.  

Steve and Carol Monk. “Livin’ the Dream”

Oh, to dream of riches and wealth; be in the moolah… cashed up! Live like a Rock Star; a Movie Star; a King; a Kardashian!

Own a magnificent, medieval castle (yay King Charles) and have exotic animals, like tigers (yay Tiger King), lions, kangaroos (yay Skippy) and exotic birds all roaming the gardens. Get a French bulldog, call him Boris and take him for drives around the castle grounds in my Lamborghini that tows a caravan full of gold and is home to my Lion, Barry. 

I’ll change my name to Frank N. Steen (not Stein), so I could be quite frank. I would dress like a “Rapper” (yay Snoop Dog); be a tycoon and eccentric artiste’ that swaggers about eating chocolate, wearing gold jewelry and flamboyant clothes. 

I would hire a large, scary, Islander bloke with a tattooed face named “Bubba” as personal security. My wife would be the epitome of snooty; (yay ‘Real Housewives’) with excessive use of makeup, Botox, jewelry and faux fur coats. We’d adopt a child, call him Chuck and turn him into a spoilt brat, (yay Angelina).

I would not own a Harley Davidson (yay midlife crisis) but own an Indian Motor Bike which allows for greater artistic opportunities such as a portrait of a turbaned bloke from Bombay on the petrol tank.

steve final.jpeg

Stand 8.
Gren Freeman.  “Impossible dream”
Winner: First Prize.
I have a dream a seemingly impossible dream. To remove the harmful things from the world do away with greed and hunger war and ignorance, caring and sharing for all living things and that one day the whole of our earth will be united in its thinking. I am sure I’m not the only one who has this seemingly impossible dream.

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