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2020 Murals

Rochester: past present or future

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Susan Greentree

S Greentree 20L.jpg


Like a dream within a dream, the future of Rochester is informed by its history. Built on Yorta Yorta country, the current and future development of the Rochester community carries forward with a rich arts culture and agricultural productivity. One of the best ways to engage with all Rochester has to offer is to cycle, and as does the Campaspe River, flow through the times. This mural can now be seen in the back room of the Cafe Rochester

John Stevens

John Stevens 20L.jpg


The image reflects and focuses upon the past and spans towards the future. The division between the past and the present are never far apart, but the true investment in Rochester’s future relies upon the youth where ideas, perceptions, and community projects, will definitely float and soar.  

We acknowledge Rochester’s first inhabitants and equally its pioneers in a combined effort that has made the town the success that it is.

The lens clearly examines a mirrored moment of excitement and wonderment, because we are essentially all time travellers.

           Alicia Huddy
Won Highly Commended

Alicia H 20L.jpg


A fantastic approach to Rochester’s future combing its iconic past and present.

Within this colourful future, a dairy cow rides a Hubert Opperman style bike along the Campaspe River at sunset. This mural is now displayed on the West side of Rochester Secondary College.

Kristin Scherlies

Krissy Finished.jpg


Children are our past, present and future. They are us and we are them. Here are the Rochie kids joyously playing as plant fairies;  Chocolate Lily, Bottle Brush and high up amongst the leaves of the magnificent Rochester Date Palms

Ellsworth Overton

Ellsworth 20L.jpg


In the past, dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes roamed the earth. Rochester may have looked like this before mankind. Then, in the hypersonic future, Rochester is reflected in the space traveller’s visor.

This mural is now privately owned and appreciated by Jerome of Rochester.

    Steve Monk
First Prize 2020

Steve Monk 20L.jpg


Elizabeth Street beholds an eerie site.  A complex of Sci-Fi proportions. Giant tanks and chrome pipes spread around pale yellow buildings. This place, once the hub of the town, now sits abandoned. Past workers with community members, ponder; along with unemployed cows, about their future.

Judy Sens

Judy Sens 20L.jpg


The closure of the once thriving Murray Goulburn factory has devastated the entire community of Rochester.   We will never forget the once vibrant factory and dairy industry that has been washed of colour, as though shot by assassins, and left to die.

Murray Ross  Jill Conway Won Peoples choice award

Murray & Jill 20L.jpg


This painting depicts today’s Grandpa and Grandson, each in turn dreaming how one used to turn the soil and how the other will turn the soil in Rochester, in the future.

This mural is now privately owned by Temptation Living & Landscapes. Rochester

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